Longhorn Guide for Beginners

Guide for Beginners

Longhorns have been a symbol for the old west, but no other place has more distinctive longhorns than Texas. Texas longhorns are known to have survived the journeys with only the least vegetation in harsh conditions at the times where the west was not explored enough. The strength and endurance of these animals were naturally built that we can see in them even today. It was the extreme conditions of the north that made longhorns unique.

Another thing unique about the longhorns is their horns, which has helped them survive in the west for years. The horns were used to keep the predators away until these animals were taken in like cattle. Even today, the longhorns chase the coyotes and mountain lions away.

Qualities of longhorns

Longhorns have several distinctive qualities apart from their long horns and strong built. But one must consider how these animals receive such longhorns before making any decisions to purchase them. If you plan on having your own herd of longhorns, you must learn these qualities and facts about longhorns.

The horns of longhorn bulls can start growing at the age of 6 months and until 36 months. After 36 months, the horns slow down the growth and start taking a strong shape. The fastest phase of longhorn growth ends at the age of 24 months. When a bull longhorn reaches the age of 24-30 months, he becomes sexually active. At this time, a longhorn may also lose the tips of their horns as they start using them for digging and fighting trees. The overall body shape of a longhorn with a broad head, massive neck, and muscular body is quite impressive. You must also know that there are different bloodlines of longhorns that grow their horns differently. Based on the type of their horns, their other characteristics may also vary.

How to measure horn length

Texas longhorns are often taken to competitions where their horns are measured for the longest longhorns. There are three ways of measuring the longhorns. Every year, the TLBAA Horn Showcase hosts a competition for measuring the horns of these majestic creatures, and the owner with the best longhorn receives rewards from the event hosts. The three types of measurements include – tip to tip, total horn, and the composite. The composite is the measurement taken using the addition of the first two measurements and the circumference of both base measurements.

measure horn length

What to consider while purchasing a longhorn

Several factors can determine what to consider when purchasing a longhorn for breeding. You must first determine the genetic health of the bloodline of the longhorn you are planning to buy. Other factors include the quality of the herd sires, the collective health of the stock, and also the reputation of the breeder. You can determine the health of a longhorn just by looking at their horns. You will need the right nutrition and mineral programs to have your own breeding farm for longhorns. If you need your old stables cleaned use junk removal naples fl.

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