Tips to Take Care of Your Longhorn Farm


Whether you take up the hobby of longhorn farming for recreational purposes or for business, you need to know what you can do to take care of your animals. Longhorns are known for their legendary survival in the west, which today gives us the strongest longhorn breeds. They still require good care and constant check-ups to stay in the best health. Here are some expert tips to take care of your longhorns as well as other animals on your farm.

Plan the right food

You must have the right food based on what your farm animals eat. You can either get fresh food from your farms and woods to feed your animals or get the packed foods made specifically for farm animals. Every farm animal has different requirements for food. Use supplements to fulfill the nutritional needs of the animals.

Build the right shelter

Longhorns require bigger shelters than other cattle and birds. Make sure that your animals have enough space to relax. The shelters must have the right temperature and should always be dry to keep your animals warm and healthy. Wet floors can cause uneasiness to the animals and make them tired and more vulnerable to diseases.

Name your animals

One good way to take care of each of your animals is to name them. This will help you keep a record of the health of each animal without confusion between the two. You can tag them or identify them in some way to make sure that you check on them every day. Most jurisdictions also require you to identify your animals.


Keep their health in check

Always keep your farm animals checked for health on a regular basis. You may not realize that one of your longhorns may not be feeling well unless you check on them. Stay proactive while keeping the health of your animals in check. The veterinarian bills can be expensive, but it can prevent most of the diseases that can end up in endless suffering for your animals.


Maintain their shelters

Keep their living space clean for them. While some farm animals like goats get to roam around quite often, bigger animals like cows usually stick to their place in the shelter. It is important to maintain the space for animals that are staying in more enclosed spaces. Keep the shelter clean and warm. If you have fences around your farm, check the integrity of the fencing to keep it safe for the animals.

Groom your animals

Keep your animals clean and well-groomed. It will directly help them stay healthy and prevent any diseases caused due to unhygienic living. Keeping your animals in good shape is your duty as a farmer if you take animal farming as a hobby. If your animals are not healthy, that also means you are not fit for the role of an animal farmer.

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